QuickBooks Shortcuts

Save Time With Keyboard Shortcuts

My QuckBooks Account Learning keyboard shortcuts can save a lot of time when entering data in QuickBooks. Here are some common ones that most will find useful:

  • Ctrl+A – Displays the Chart of Accounts window
  • Ctrl+F – Displays the Find window
  • Ctrl+G – Takes user to other side of a transfer transaction
  • Ctrl+I – Displays the Create Invoice window
  • Ctrl+J – Displays the Customer:Job List window
  • Ctrl+M – Memorizes a transaction
  • Ctrl+Q – Creates and displays a QuickReport on the selected transaction
  • Ctrl+R – Displays the Register window
  • Ctrl+T – Displays the memorized transaction list
  • Ctrl+W – Displays the Write Checks window
  • Ctrl+Insert – Inserts a line into a list of items or expenses
  • Ctrl+Delete – Deletes the selected line from a list of items or expenses

Using the Right-Click Function of the Mouse

Making the right-click function of your mouse a habit when you’re in QuickBooks is a real time saver. When you right-click, the menu that comes up in QuickBooks is different depending upon where you are in the program. You will see a different menu of options in every screen.

There are a lot of shortcuts to bring up a specific screen in QuickBooks that we mentioned previously. For example, Ctrl+W will display the Write Checks window. Right click on this window and you will see a menu of actions that you can use specifically on the Write Checks window. Try it on all of your screens and it will save you lots of keystrokes and searching and most importantly, time.

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